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About My Novels … and Me

I’m Ali Luke, and I write fast-paced contemporary fiction with a hefty dose of the supernatural.

Most of Lycopolis, my first novel, was written during my MA in Creative & Life Writing at Goldsmiths College (part of the University of London). The sequel Oblivion was completed a few years later: the drafting process was somewhat disrupted by having two babies along the way!

In terms of the style, narrative and pacing, my novels are very much genre rather than literary fiction, but the Lycopolis trilogy touches on deeper themes than genre fiction often does, exploring the power of the imagination, the nature of evil, the possibilities of redemption, fractured relationships, and lots more.

As a reader, I enjoy gripping books that stay with me in some way … and I hope that’s what the Lycopolis trilogy will be for you.

Although novels have been my main focus, I’ve also had short stories published in My Weekly and in Writing Magazine (I won first prize in their “First Line” competition in 2017).

I’m a keen reader of almost anything, though these days my tastes are distinctly towards the commercial rather than the literary end of things: maybe when the kids are older, I’ll be able to face some more challenging reading material again! My other hobbies include Euro-style board games, sporadic cross stitching, eating too much chocolate, and listening to a lot of Metallica.